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Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum Reviews
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Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum Reviews

Choosing a vacuum cleaner may not sound like a big decision, but it actually is. A vacuum cleaner is an investment for many people. They can easily cost up to $1,000, especially robust ones with advanced features.

They can make the vacuuming experience a bit more enjoyable, but like any other forms of modern technology, not everyone needs it. More affordable vacuum cleaners cost much less, varying anywhere from $200 to $500, but that doesn’t mean they can’t work like a dream. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

In our opinion, the Shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 is an ideal choice for the average modern household. This machine is in the perfect sweet spot between quality and affordability. Not only does it make your life much easier by offering multiple values, but the brand Shark also has a great warranty policy that lengthens its products’ lifetime.

About TheKingLive

Before we say anything, let us explain why you should trust us. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt and we strongly recommend you do your own research from different sources, but here’s to give you a bit of background information on where our evaluation comes from.

TheKingLive is an independent, third-party reviewer of different domestic products. We have a team of researchers who test products, then deliver these results to consumers like you. Based in the US, our reviews aim to make you a wiser consumer by offering objective evaluations, regardless of our reputation with brands, in order to help you make the right decision.


About the Company

SharkNinja has always been a leading company in homeware production. Their products come in a wide variety of designs, prices, uses, and colors. Founded in the 90s in Canada, this company has not stopped innovating ever since, constantly learning and changing for the better to serve its customers’ needs.

They are all about details, the seemingly minor things but make huge differences in user experience. Not everyone believes in details, and that is why not everyone is successful.

Among others, their upright vacuum cleaners are among the most popular. The Shark vacuum NV360 is the perfect combination between power and price.

Performance on Different Types of Carpets

One of the biggest concerns for vacuum cleaners is how well they can clean up carpets. There are different kinds of carpets, from high to low pile, from industrial to hand-knitted rugs. The hard question is to find a vacuum cleaner that has the right functionalities to accommodate each type.

During our tests, this little blue Shark vacuum scored remarkably well on both carpets of low and high pile. The machine is able to brush away all the obstacles before it. The vacuum cleaner does leave a bit of residue on its pull-back, but this amount is negligible.

For delicate carpets, some users have noted that the NV360 might be a little too strong. This led to the problem of it shredding the carpets, leaving tiny fragments of fiber flying in the air. To overcome this issue, Shark recommends releasing some of the suction power in the suction valve, which is situated near the foot of the machine.

Doing so releases pressure and lowers the suction power. This tip also applies when you feel that the machine is sticky to push. The second thing that you can try is to simply keep the delicate rug away from the vacuum cleaner, since delicate rugs are not designed to be run over by aggressive, powerful vacuum cleaners anyway.

Performance on Bare Floors

With regards to bare floors, the shark Navigator Lift-away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum also does quite well. In our test, it picked up almost all of the debris that was scattered on its way.

If we must compare, this machine performs somewhat better on carpets than on bare floors. If your house has largely bare floors, then we recommend the Shark Upright Vacuum NV501 instead, but it cannot pick up pet hair as well as the NV360, and also costs a bit more.

One thing to note is that the NV360 has two modes of operation: “Bare Floor”, where the brush roll does not spin, and “Brush Roll on”, where the brush spins. Spinning generates the necessary motion for the brush to dig in the roots of the carpet and carve out all food crumbs that might be overlooked by the eye.

Noise Level

When put on a scale with other upright vacuum cleaners of similar size and power, according to many Shark Navigator NV360 reviews, the machine generates less noise. This might be a small thing for some but an important issue for others, especially those with aversion to loud noise.

Loud noise can also hurt our ears, although the level of damage done varies, from mild to severe, depending on each person. With the NV360, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Pet Hair Pick-up

Pet hair is a big concern for pet owners. A time of the year comes, when our animals shed hair uncontrollably and our floors are scattered with tiny pet dander that might stick to our nose, eyes, and mouth. The NV360 bagless vacuum does a good job wiping those away from the surface.

However, what happens is that the hair might entangle around the brush, making it difficult to rip them off. You might need a pair of scissors to help with this. While this sounds like much work, it is a pretty logical and inevitable thing: when the brush turns, it whirls the hair with it. In the process, hair will get wrapped around the brush.

The longer the hair, the more difficult it is to get rid of after cleaning. Compared to other vacuum cleaners, they cannot clean away pet hair as well.


Smooth Emission

Another important thing for users of vacuum cleaners is emission. Some vacuum cleaners pick up dirt in really well, yet they cannot store it. There can be problems of leakage, of dirt and debris escaping the dust bag and re-entering the air, which pretty much counteracts the purpose of vacuuming in the first place.

Producers of modern vacuum cleaners are aware of this situation, and have gone to great lengths to make adjustments. Shark is certainly one of them.

With the Shark Navigator Lift-away NV360, dust is stored in a dust cup—one that is placed neatly inside the machine. To reach the dust cup, you must press on two locks on the side. This is to say that the cup cannot easily spill or fall out by accident.

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However, according to online shark nv360 reviews, you might still be exposed to flying dirt particles when emptying the cup. What you can do is wrap a plastic bag around it, or simply lower the cup close to the dustbin so that particles can’t easily escape. To that end, using a capped dustbin can also help.

And that concludes our Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe NV360 reviews. We hope that you have understood more about this cleaner, what it can do and whether it is suitable for you. If you like this article, please do not hesitate to give it a like or share it with your friends!
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Bienvenue. Wink
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Bienvenue sur le forum, on passe en Auvergne avec le club dans 15 jours, cette une magnifique région pour y faire des ballades.
--- La Violette©️ ---
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Naturally Aspirated only :P
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Bienvenue Thumbup
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